venerdì 10 settembre 2010

L'angolo di Lahoshi JIANSHE

10sep2010:空兰来里 Blue sky come to our mind inside
11sep2010 da she da de.  More give, more receive
12sep2010  xin cheng ze ling  heart  trust  then 
13sep2010 人 ren  定 ding 胜 sheng 天 tian
 人 people  定 mind stable 胜 win  天 heaven or nature
 so ZN Qigong mainly stress to make our mind  stable  more than the only quiet by focusing
14sep2010 定 ding 能 neng 生 sheng 慧 hui
 定 stable mind 能 can 生make 慧 wisdom
15sep2010 more enjoy the formless, more ignore the form
19sep2010专 zhuan 一 yi 心 xin 念 nian
It's single mind in English
21sep2010生命 sheng ming 是 shi 一种 yi zhong 境界 jing jie
 生命 The life 是 is 一种 a 境界 mind state

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